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[VisionTechShop] TPB POS/ECRs Interface Scale
TPB Interface Scale

Retail Price: $249.00
VisionTechShop offers point-of-sale interface scales that are great for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems. These legal for trade scales interface to most electronic cash registers and point-of-sale software programs.
Capacity :
The TPB Series POS Interface scale connects with cash registers or POS systems. Available in 12 to 60 lb capacities. Use in supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping, and more!
  • It is compatible with Clover POS System, Connects with many ECR's and POS systems, RS-232C Interface with Cable Included, ALL MOST SAME AS CAS PD-2Z SCALE WITH SAME PROTOCOL, If you need a protocol manual, Just email VisionTechShop(Seller) with your order number
  • Weighing in Pounds, Kilograms, and Ounces (Unit Conversion)
  • Battery provided up to 110 hours of continuous use (without backlight)
  • Internal battery, AC adapter and 5ft/1.5m interface cable, and USB to RS-232 converter cable included included
  • Application Mode: POS/ECR - Groceries, Yogurt/Ice Cream Shops, Shipping, and Mail Counters
  • Easy to Clean Stainless Steel removable platter for easy cleaning, Platter Size 13.5 x 10.4inch(W x D)
  • NTEP Legal for Trade CC# : 22-010
  • Capacity 12lb x 0.002lb, 192oz x 0.05oz, 6kg x 0.001kg
  • Capacity 30lb x 0.005lb, 480oz x 0.1oz, 12kg x 0.002kg
  • Capacity 60lb x 0.01lb, 960oz x 0.2oz, 30kg x 0.005kg
  • Size: 13.5 x 12.7 x 3.4inch / 343 x 322.5 x 86mm(W x D x H), Net Weight: 10.1lb/4.6kg

#1 TPB Calibration

#2 How to Connect TPB to Clover

#3 How to Connect TPB to ECR

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