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[HKB] H42SBU(16", USB)
Cash Drawer for POS

Heavy Duty 16" Black POS Cash Drawer with 5Bill/5Coin "Stainless Steel" Front, 24V, USB Pro, 1.2m cable length

- Good news! Finally, we developed API(Application Programming Interface, DLL File). Please contact us to get API. Now, you can add our cash drawer on your software!
- No compatibility with Square POS system for NOW. We are working on it. We will update it soon. If you just need to open our USB drawer on your PC, please contact us. We will provide free trial software for opening our USB drawer. Please check 4th photo which is our software.
- 16.75" x 4.25" x 16.25" (Length x Height x Width) Cash Drawer for POS, ECR with Stainless Steel Drawer Front! USB INTERFACE!
- Easy-to-use SOFTWARE provided!! You can open our USB drawer just clicking "OPEN" button on the software or press Function Key(F key) on your PC. How to get the software? Just Email HK Systems for this wonderful software!!
- 6 keys are included in the product. Are you worried about losing your cash drawer key? Just email HK Systems(Seller) with your Amazon order #. We will send one spare key with no additional cost, once per order.
- Extra Keys Extra Till, and Till Cover Available, if needed. 5-Bill 5-Coin Till with Single Large Front Media Slot. "TWO" EXTRA brackets inside top of case for durability.

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Models H42SBU Series
Dimensions (in/mm) (W x D x H) 16.25 x 16.75 x 4.25/412.7 x 425.4 x 107.9
Product Weight (lbs/kg) 15.52/7.04
Ship Weight (lbs/kg) 17.46/7.92
  • Black, POS Cash Drawer
  • 24V USB Pro, 1.2m cable length with Micro-switch Sensor
  • Metal wire grippers
  • 1 media slot, 3-position lock
  • "Stainless Steel" front, 1.0mm thick top cover with 2 rims
  • Includes 6 keys
  • Single Front Media Slots
  • Heavy Duty Case with "Two" EXTRA brackets upper inside
  • Removable and adjustable cash tray 5-bill/5-coin
Introduction of HK Cash Drawer
Software Installation Manual
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