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[VisionTechShop] DLP-300 Label Printing Scale Pole Display, 30/60lbs Capacity, 0.01/0.02lbs, NTEP Legal for Trade with a Free 1 case of Labels LST Series
DLP-300 Pole Type + LST Label

Style :
Models DLP-300 Series
Capacity & Readability lb 30/60
Resolution 1/3,000(Dual Interval)
Display type LCD, Dot Matrix LCD with Back light
Printing speed (mm/sec) 95
Label size (mm) Width: 40 ~ 60, Length: 30 ~ 120
Operating temperature (℉/℃) 14 ~ 104/-10 ~ +40
Power AC 120V, 50/60Hz
Platter size (in/mm) (W x D) 14.3 x 11.1/364 x 281
Dimensions (in/mm) (W x D x H) 15.4 x 17.3 x 21.2/391 x 439 x 541
Product Weight (lbs/kg) 25.5/11.5
Ship Weight (lbs/kg) 28.5/12.9
Warranty One year


Customer Reviews

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  • 30/60lb Capacity Dual Interval
  • Stores up to 20,000 PLU's Include Ingredients
  • 45 Standard Label Formats & 67 Customer Labels
  • 168 Speed Keys(56keys x 3)
  • Ethernet, Wireless Networking(ONLY 2.4 GHz Wifi), USB, RS-232C Built-in
  • Auto-Prepack Feature
  • English, Korean, Chinese, or Spanish Characters
  • Multiple Barcode Formats
  • Commodity Name: Up To 56 Characters per PLU
  • Flash ROM for Easy Firmware Upgrades by USB or Ethernet
  • Windows Software(XDB Manager) Pkg Included
  • Legal for Trade - # 17-054
  • #1 How to Change Label Format 
    #2 How to Change Label Roll 
    #3 How to Create a New PLU Code 
    #3-1 How to create a PLU on your DLP-300 Label Printing Scale. (2023 Version)
    #4 How To Create Speed Keys 
    #4-1 How to create speed keys (2023 Version)
    #5 How to Adjust Label Feed 
    #6 How to Enter Store Information 
    #6-1 How to Enter Store Information (2023 Version)
    #7 How to Install XDB Manager 
    #8 How to show/hide PLU menu categories 
    #9 How to fix the Error "AMOUNT OVERFLOW" 
    #10 How to change the department # of barcode 
    #11 How to print labels without the PLU data? 
    #12 How to solve "Please Remove La" message 
    #13 How to wirelessly connect the scale with the XDB Manager 
    #14 How to connect "Directly" a DLP-300 scale to XDB Manager 
    #15 How to print labels with the backing paper on 
    #16 How to connect DLP-300 to XDB manager software with "WIRED" network. 
    #17 How to add a image or "Safe Handling Instruction" on label 
    #18 For first user : Shopname, Create PLU and Speedkey 
    #19 How to set it up as KG (KG calibration) 
    #20 How to use AUTO, SAVE, PREPACK mode 
    #21 Temporary Price Change 
    #22 TARE Override/Printing Multiple Labels/PLU Type Change (By weight to By Count mode) 
    #23 How to print all PLU data 
    #24 How to fix "Check Min Wt." 
    #25 How to copy DATA from one DLP-300 scale to another DLP-300 scale 
    #26 How to print or not print PACKED ON DATE and/or SELL BY DATE on the label 
    #27 How to import PLU data from Excel to XDB Manager 
    #28 The barcode is not printed on the label 
    #29 Recalling a PLU 
    #30 How to set it up as LB(Pound) (LB Calibration) 
    #31 Comparing DLP-300 with CAS LP1000, CAS CL5000, and EASY WEIGH LS100 
    #32 How to set up the wireless network with “WEP” Security 
    #33 How to create New PLU(Item) on DLP-300. (2nd Edition) 
    #13 (Y2021) How to wirelessly connect the scale with the XDB Manager 
    #34 How to change to 12 digits UPCA barcode 
    #37 How to change DLP-300 printer head 
    #38 How to solve the error message, "No paper" or "Please Remove Label" 
    #37 How to set the Date and Time 
    #38 How to set up the Continuous Label 
    #39 How to Reset DLP-300 to Factory Settings 
    #40 How to Change the Input Language 
    #41 How to Change the Printing Settings when your scale prints two labels at once
    #42 How to change the unit price of an existing PLU on the DLP 300 Label Printing Scale
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