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[HKB] H43SBU(16")
Cash Drawer for POS

16" POS Cash Drawer Stainless Steel Front, Ball bearing slide, Heavy Duty POS with Removable Tray 5Bill/5Coin
Models H43SBU Series
Dimensions (in/mm) (W x D x H) 16.25 x 16.75 x 4.25/412.7 x 425.4 x 107.9
Product Weight (lb/kg) 15.52/7.04
Ship Weight (lb/kg) 17.46/7.92
  • Ball bearing slide, Black, POS Cash Drawer
  • 24V Epson standard RJ11 Jack with Micro-switch Sensor
  • Metal wire grippers
  • 1 media slot, 3-position lock
  • "Stainless Steel" front, 1.0mm thick top cover with 2 rims
  • Includes 6 keys
  • Single Front Media Slots
  • Heavy Duty Case with "Two" EXTRA brackets upper inside
  • Removable and adjustable cash tray 5-bill/5-coin
  • Brochure & Certificate
  • Brochure
  • Software & Manuals
  • Key and Lock Changing Manual
  • The drawer is only opening with the back switch and not the key

    The main mechanism used to open the drawer is a lever that can be controlled with both the back switch and the key. The most common reason this mechanism fails for the key is because the lever in the back is bent. To troubleshoot, first remove the drawer from the cash register and turn it upside down. If you use the key, you will notice that a lever that sticks out the back moves. With the drawer upside down, bend the portion of the lever that sticks out downward (towards the top of the drawer). Also make sure that it is perpendicular to the edge of the drawer. After manipulation, place the drawer back into the register and the key should be functioning.

    Introduction of HK Cash Drawer
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